New Awesome Class Preview

Issued On: Dec. 7, 2009

With the Evil Lyceum gaining in power, Eden faced devastation on all fronts. With time running out, and the fate of the holy land in danger, the Assassin Alliance was forced to come out of hiding and confront the rising power of evil. They had stayed in the shadows for centuries, honing their skills, but fearful of revealing themselves. With the discovery of the Floating Island, they have been thrust into the spotlight, and are fighting back against the darkness. As the crown jewel of their new expansion, we are very happy here to introduce this mysterious and powerful new class.

Assassin's are a paradox of secrecy and wide ranging notoriety. Everyone seems to know of them, but at the same time no one seems to know anything about them. Masked in black, swathed in black robes, and clutching a dagger with myriad other weapons concealed is how most people picture them. In Angels Online, they've stayed true to this form, though if you happen to come across one, you might not be around long enough to critique their outfit.

There is no doubt that Agility is an essential attribute in pulling off daring and dangerous missions and quests. Assassins take this to heart - they feature the highest Agility in AO, allowing them to master quick attacks and movement. They are faster than Swordsmen and have a higher Crit Strike chance than Archers. As if that werent enough, they can also buff themselves with various effects. When faced with an enemy this skilled, its kill on the first strike or escape, if you can...

Assassins have the typical skills that are shared by most of the melee classes, but as they grow in power, they will be able to use their deadly class specific skills, "Shadow Blade", "Avatar" and "Assault". These skills allow for the infamous Stealth, Avatar and Assassination abilities.

Assassin's can also learn most of the stances shared by the melee classes, but what sets them apart are the poisonous flying blades that can damage a target continually. Add to this the debuffs they can enhance their blades with, and those opposing them won't last long.

The Angels Online Team